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Proof of concept – history stealing with IFrame in scrollable DIV

If you are new to groupon, the starting page will show a dialogue where you are asked to select the city you live in. If you have already done so before you will get redirected to the city’s offers, i.e. to if you have selected Denver as your city. In that case the page will contain a container with the ID “rail” on the right side of the page containing “More great deals” and while loading, the IFrame and its wrapping DIV will jump to that position.
That’s exactly what you see below: If the scrollbar has moved you have been to Groupon before, otherwise you haven’t. You can reload the page (but don’t move the scrollbars of the IFrame by hand as it will break the idea behind the hack) or you can go back to the article and take a look at the code again.

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