How to clear and disable DOM Storage in Firefox, IE and Chrome

The following post shows you how to clear and also disable DOM Storage in recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. If you are looking for a way to set DOM Storage items this will be the right post.

Clear DOM Storage in Firefox:

Select “Tools” -> “Clear Recent History”, open “Details”, check “Cookies” and select “Everything” as time range.
ATTENTION: No other time range will clear the DOM Storage. Have a look at Mozillas documentation for further info.

Disable DOM Storage in Firefox:

Type “about:config” in your address bar and hit enter to view your internal browser settings. Scroll down to „“, right click on it and hit „Toggle“ to disable the DOM Storage.

Clear DOM Storage in Internet Explorer:

Select “Tools” -> “Internet Options” -> “General” -> check “Delete browsing history on exit”, click on “Delete”, check “Cookies”, click on “Delete” once more and restart your browser afterwards.

Disable DOM Storage in Internet Explorer:

Select “Extras” -> “Internet Options” -> “Advanced” Tab -> Go to “Security” -> uncheck “Enable DOM-Storage”

Clear DOM Storage in Chrome:

Select “Tools” -> “Clear browsing data…”, check “Delete cookies and other site data”, select “Everything” from “Clear data from this period” and click on “Clear browsing data”.

Disable DOM Storage in Chrome:

Open “Options” and select “Under the Hood” Tab. Click on “Content settings…”, select “Cookies” and set “Block sites from setting any data”.

If you are not willing to do this manually you might want to use a browser plugin that handles it for you. For Firefox I can recommend the extension BetterPrivacy. A desktop alternative to delete DOM Storage of all your installed browsers at once would be the open source tool Bleachbit.
Please note: This post has been largely inspired by an awesome article by Dustin Marx, which drills down on the topic much deeper.

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